Vision leaks. It's plain and simple. An internal podcast allows you to communicate to your team in a powerful and clear way.

Improve Employee Happiness (and bottom line) by Reinforcing and Nurturing the Vision

Vision leaks. It’s plain and simple. Nothing is more miserable in life than working hard without knowing your why. If your employees don’t know their why, the meaningful work they’re doing seems like busy work. Study after study shows that employee happiness isn’t found in salary, benefits, or even perks. It’s found in being a part of something. Being a part of a grander vision than yourself. That’s what CultureCast enables you to do. It Consistently remind your employees that they are part of something that matters. CultureCast will allow you to communicate to your team where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You’ll have a direct line to encourage them that they’re part of something. To remind them that their work matters and it plays a vital role.

Motivate by Highlighting Success Stories

We all long to feel inspired, and that’s not any different for your team members. They long to feel inspired. By hearing stories of success and others’ wins, we are motivated to win in our own lives. Use CultureCast to highlight those winners, because what we celebrate gets duplicated. Use your podcast to replicate what you measure as success.

Keep Your Team Informed

When we don’t know someone’s reason behind their action, we make up a reason. If your team does not know your reasoning and rational for a decision, they make it up. Then that distorted message gets further distorted through the company. Use CultureCast to share updates, clearly communicate changes, and enforce and inform policy. 

CultureCast in 3 Steps

Step 1: Preproduction. We work with your team to produce content on a seasonal basis. After the initial setup of the show, the time requirement is minimal. In most situations less than 1 hour every 3-6 months. 

Step 2: Production. We bring our audio equipment to your location or set-up remote recording to make it easy on everyone. By batch processing 3-6 episodes in one sitting, we can produce your content efficiently so that you can focus on the work that matters most to you, while still enjoying the benefits of improving your company culture.

Step 3: Postproduction. We walk with your communications team in distributing the content in the best, safest, and simplest way for your team to listen.