We all have something to say. We want people to hear about our brand, to know our unique spin on a product, and recognize the value we add to the world. Yet, we all face the same problem: rising above the noise. Podcasting allows you to do that, rise above. 


According to Nielsen, 50% of American households are podcast listeners. While that statistic is staggering, we have to ask,  Why is it such a powerful platform for listeners? Additionally, why is it growing so fast, and how can it help you?

On Demand. There’s been a major shift in the way we consume content. Over the last 15 years, we’ve all grown fond of entertaining and educating ourselves when we want to. 

Multi-Tasking. Podcasting is the only way to safely educate and entertain yourself while doing something else.  

Connection. In our ever-connected world, consumers want to feel connected to the people they work with and buy from. Now, with Millennials (arguably the most-connected generation yet) representing 1/3 of the workforce, that desire for connection hasn’t even reached it's peak.

Trust. Connection made through audio is a powerful one. Hearing is one of our first senses to develop in the womb. There has never been another time in history when you could be piped directly in the ear of your customer (and pre-customer). 

Evergreen. Generally speaking, most podcast are evergreen. Once they are produced and distributed, the content has an extremely long tail. Unlike a social media post, the residual benefits of podcasting are incredible.

Non-disruptive. So many marketers are disrupting our lives. Podcasting doesn’t do that. You’re not trying to grab someone’s attention while they’re scrolling at the speed of light or grabbing something from the kitchen in between their favorite shows. Listeners are choosing you. Taking their valuable time to listen to you. 

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We know your time is valueable. That's why we do all of the heavy lifting to make podcasting easy for you. Instead of asking you to come to a recording studio, we come to you. We’ve built our portable studio around your needs. By using a specific type of microphone, preamp, and conversion we are able to record in rooms (offices, conference rooms) that would traditional be unacceptable for a professional recording. Essentially, bringing the sound of a $25,000 Recording Studio to you. This convenience hopefully adds close to an hour back to your day. Let’s be honest, we could all use an extra hour! 

EXCELLENCE IN AUDIO QUALITY (to match your brand)

So you have this awesome message. Check! You know that podcasting is a great platform to communicate. Check! Yet, There’s a few problems. You’re not an audio engineer and you don't want to pull valuable time away from your team. You don’t have time to learn about microphone patterns, editing software, and how to mix it to sound perfect. This can be a bit cumbersome. That’s where we can give you a competitive edge. As we’ve walked other brands through creating their own podcast, we’ve used our expertise in audio to help them keep you’re most valuable asset. Time. As a business owner I’m constantly evaluating if it’s better for me to do something myself or pay someone. We know that the hours you’ll save, and the excellence we’ll bring to the table in audio will be worth it for your bottom line.

We know that social media can and does have a huge impact on how we’re viewed in the marketplace. But there’s three constant problems with social. (1) What’s the message? (2) Making that message native to the platform of communication, and (3) finding your authentic voice. The first two, ad agencies or freelance social media marketers can solve. But when you outsource your social, that third one is hard to solve because they’re not in the trenches with you every month. We know that feeling all to well of looking down at your post reach in disappointment. 

There are so many benefits of taking the content from your podcast, transcribing it, and making it native for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Blog post (SEO bump!). The main one is it’s always in your authentic voice because we’re literally taking it from..well, your authentic voice! Here’s another way to say it. How great would it feel to work on content for less than an hour a month and not have to think about it again? The alternative is to take valuable time from you and/or your team to devote to this task. 


Step 1: We work with your leadership and/or marketing team to create the podcast

Step 2: We do all of the heavy production lifting so we take minimum time from your team

Step 3: You get to enjoy the benefits and impact of having your own podcast.