Kevin Bacon and Podcast

Did you ever play that 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game? It’s that game that’s based on the idea that any two people on earth are connected by less than 6 people. Super silly game, but a beautiful concept when you really think about it! It’s likely you know someone, who knows someone, who could change your podcast. Your proverbial Kevin Bacon. Specifically, the right guest could double your podcast listenership over night. 

Seriously. Scott Britton, of the Competitive Edge Podcast, almost doubled his listenership though one of his guest. The guest wasn’t necessarily the biggest he’d interviewed, but he had a huge email list. Just by sending out a simple “Hey I was on the Competitive Edge Podcast” email - Scott’s listenership surged in a few days through his guest.

Back to Kevin Bacon (how bad was that Tremors movie btw?). I encourage you to make a list of 5 guest you know would dramatically grow your listener base and target them. It’s hard work, but finding an introduction to get them on the podcast could be a game changer for your podcast. Think for a second about the benefits of doubling your listenership or simply growing 30%! Because I bet on Kevin Bacon that someone you know is friends with one of your targets.